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Hi. I’m Chef Tony De aka The Boombastic Chef. I’m going to give you the benefit of my 26 years as a heart transplant, diabetes and gout survivor. I will reveal the Boombastic Diet on a free DVD. This diet will allow you to eat anything you want while managing heart disease, diabetes, gout and weight loss. Follow it to achieve an incredible quality of life.


Twenty-eight years ago I was a recording artist with songs on the radio and just beginning to hit the big-time when I got the news that would change my life forever. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. An enlarged heart. My shortness of breath and coughing spells were the first signs that brought me to the VA hospital in San Francisco. Approximately one year later in September of 1990 I received my heart transplant at UCSF Medical Center at age 33.


Since then I was determined to have the same quality of life I had before I got sick. I refused to accept the label “sick”. I refused to let doctors dictate my life and came to realize that doctors were only responsible for my treatment; but I was fully responsible for my health. Do you agree with that? That’s what I believe was the epiphany behind my great quality of life and longevity.


You see, your doctor is not charged with any duty to take care of your health. Their duty is two-fold;
1) to diagnose and treat that which is treatable; and
2) to do no harm.
That’s it!
Your health is your responsibility, and yours alone. And the only tools you need to maintain your health are a simple diet that meets your body’s requirements that’s varied and maintainable, along with fun activities to keep your mind and body in sync. You can do that right? Sure you can, but that’s where it gets tricky.


It’s not your fault. The fact that you’re having trouble with your health or weight issues is not your fault! There are conflicting opinions betweens doctors and other so called health gurus as to what is actually healthy to eat for people with heart disease, diabetes, gout or weight issues. There is absolutely no consensus. Some say potatoes are good and others say to avoid them. One report will praise peanuts for their health benefits and yet another report will explain how peanuts are bad for you. The list goes on and on. Sure, you can consult your doctor and dietician but they can only give you guidelines on what to eat and alot is left up to your own interpretation as to how it really fits into your lifestyle and quality of life goals.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple, easy to follow diet that you can mold to your specific needs and tastes that will keep you healthy and happy no matter what your health issues are? If there was such a diet wouldn’t that free up your mind to enjoy more of what life has to offer? Wouldn’t it be worth spending even one month’s salary to find a diet that allows you to eat whatever you want and still successfully manage you heart disease, diabetes, gout or weight issues without even thinking about it?


Well, that’s exactly what I’ve spent the last 26 years trying to figure out. And after much research, trial and error and self experimentation I’ve developed a diet that helped me live happily with my heart disease, diabetes, gout and weight issues without giving up one single food item that I liked. I call it the Boombastic Diet. But of course! That is what I’m going to reveal to you within this 90 minute DVD. So sit back, take a deep breath and listen with both ears to what I’m about to reveal to you.


So…. I finally found success with my Boombastic Diet by eating foods that are 100% beneficial to my health 90% of the time; and eating foods that I love but are not so good for me 10% of the time. Simple enough right? Yes it is. I call it the 90/10 principle. But there are rules and guidelines that I followed. And these rules separate my diet from all the others out there. Because it’s not just about what you eat; it’s about how and why you eat.


The Bombastic Diet DVD is all you need to be successful. And it will be available soon for free! Just signup with your email address on any of our ads or become a backer of our crowdfunding campaign at or just register from this page. You will be notified when it’s available.



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  • written by ChefTonyDe February 8, 2017 11:17 am

    Welcome baby-boomers and millennials! I hope you enjoy my recipes. They’re developed specifically for folks on a restricted diet like myself, to improve your quality of life. I’m available for any questions you have. Thanks for visiting.

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