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This is your first step towards improving your quality of life with the Boombastic Diet Blog. Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple, easy to follow diet that you can mold to your specific needs and tastes that will keep you healthy and happy no matter what your health issues are? If there was such a diet wouldn’t that free up your mind to enjoy more of what life has to offer? Wouldn’t it be worth spending even one month’s salary to find a diet that allows you to eat whatever you want and still successfully manage you heart disease, diabetes, gout or weight issues without even thinking about it? That’s what the Boombastic Diet is all about.

Although initially developed by Chef Tony De for Baby Boomers, this plan can improve anyone’s quality of life no matter what age or body type. Eating all the foods you love and staying healthy are no longer mutually exclusive when you follow the Boombastic Diet’s simple but effective nutrition guidelines.

Hi. I’m Chef Tony De aka The Boombastic Chef and I’m gonna give you the benefit of my 26 years as a heart transplant, diabetes and gout survivor. I’m going to divulge my Boombastic Diet that will allow you to eat anything you want while managing heart disease, diabetes, gout and weight loss to achieve an incredible quality of life.

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